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Houston, #Texas

ℹ Album Features New Music

Song Title: “TIME
💽 Album Title : Legendary
Subtitle : Rhythm Real High
Music Genre: Funk / Rock / Electronic
DnB, Rockability
Vocals and Executive Producer:
KanD Johnson, The Oprah of Music
Music Composition: Music By KanD

Professional Vocalist
Collaborate with KanD

🔗 KanD Johnson

🔗 747 REALm Radio

Classic Rock

Watch “Keith Richards Twitter Questions with Jimmy Fallon” on YouTube

Original concept indeed

Rock, Rap, and Reality Humor


Pimp Chronicles

Katt Williams The Playa President

Representing America to Make it Great!


“This ain’t no get it at the mall Tiger

This nigga is greaaate!” 👏

💽  I  have ALL and I  do mean ALL of his Standup Comedy DVDs in my personal Catalogue of Only The Best.

Needless to say that would be where

Keith, The Essence of Rock come in.

I said to my self, “KanD”

Myself said “Hum”

I said, “Ya’ll know what” 😂

“Rock wrapped in real shit

.. is good shit 😂

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“Quote by KanD”


Get ALL in and gain ALL ACCESS 

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